The Jews have suffered for more than 2,000 years to get to their homeland and always had to fight in order to survive. Since the birth of the state of Israel, this country has experienced continuous tension and wars. Countless terrorist atrocities have been committed against Jews around the world. These circumstances have created a need to develop new warfare and survival methods. This has resulted in the unique survival system known as Hisardut®.

In Hebrew the word "Hisardut" literally means survival. Because survival is the bottom line in any fight, it's not how good your moves look, but who stays alive at the end of the struggle. In Israel it is known as Dennis Survival Ju Jitsu™ to honor its founder Dennis Hanover.

Dr. Dennis Hanover is a 9th Degree Black Belt and the founder of the system. Born in South African-born he immigrated to Israel in 1960 where he was one of the first to introduce the martial arts in the early '60s. After achieving top belt and recognition in several martial arts (mainly Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kyukoshinkai Karate under Mas Oyama), he decided to develop Hisardut® as a more applicable answer to the threats and challenges facing people in modern society. In the early 80's he began teaching the Israeli Special Forces units who were looking for a more advanced close combat method than the basic Krav Maga program taught to regular IDF troops. In 1987, he was commissioned by the army to develop the new counter-terrorist program called LOTAR (Acronym for Lochama B'Terror) that has been in use since.

Dr. Hanover and his two sons, Yaron and Guy together with a small cadre of leading Hisardut® instructors have trained the most elite units of the Israeli military: members of the Chief of Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkal), the Naval Commandos (Shayetet 13), the Israeli Anti-Terrorist Units (Yamom) and the border patrol riot suppression teams (Mishmar Hagvul). In addition, top Hisardut® instructors are actively teaching advanced levels of the system to the Israeli Internal Secret Service (Shin Beth) and the diplomatic protection and Air Marshal Teams as well as undercover units of the Israeli Police (Mishtara Semuya).

Hisardut® is also one of the only systems in the world to be incorporated into a national education system. The Hisardut® training program is endorsed by the Israeli Department of Education and taught in the public schools of selected Israeli cities and through a chain of training centers across the country. The system is recognized by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the the Israeli Defense Force, Israeli Minister of Police, and the Israeli Minister of Education, as well as the Wingate National Sport Institute of Israel.
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Internationally, Hisardut® has been recognized by such prestigious bodies as the International Ju Jitsu Union, the World Ju Jitsu Federation and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, among others.

In the United States, Hisardut® has been taught to thousands of men, women and children. Dignitaries, movie stars, business executives, various police and SWAT units, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Naval Investigative Service and the United States Navy Seals' West Coast CQB instructors have all benefited from various levels of training in the system.





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