Since the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001 there has been a surge in so called "Israeli Fighting Systems" in the United States. Individuals with very questionable background and limited skills have made claims to be affiliated students or certified instructors of Hisardut® and/or combat veterans of the Israel Defense Force. Many American citizens concern about the growing threat of terrorism were fooled into buying instructional books, DVDs and training courses offered by such individuals.

To clarify matters we would like to remind everyone that military service is mandatory in Israel and every able Israeli citizen becomes a soldier in their lifetime. Being a soldier in the IDF does not mean that they were a combat soldier, nor does it mean that they were expert in counterterrorism. Furthermore, all martial arts are very popular in Israel and many Israelis have trained and attained black belts in karate, ju-jitsu, kick boxing, kung fu and judo (at the Olympic level). Being Israeli martial art instructors does not mean that they were certified to teach Hisardut®.

To clarify any misconceptions it is important to remember that there are only TWO authentic fighting systems ("martial arts") that were developed and originated in Israel: Hisardut® and Krav Maga.

Both systems originated and developed in Israel during the same time period. The two methods share some fundamental teaching concepts but are clearly distinct from each other.

Krav Maga in an essence was developed as a BASIC and GENERIC self defense course (designed as a one week intensive training course) for the IDF (taught at the Wingate Sport Institute in Natania). Hisardut® is a complete survival system that was developed from inception to teach all methods of engagement, all aspects of survival and personal security.

Hisardut® teaches "all dimensional fighting"; from a distance, close range and on the ground with and without weapon. By comparison, Krav Maga does not teach weapons, wilderness survival, team tactics, violence management, counter terrorism and terrorism survival and has just recently adopted some ground fighting techniques from other martial arts.

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Don't be fooled by amateurs and phony instructors.

Direct Measures International, Inc. is the only source of authentic Hisardut® training in America.

The Hisardut® system and logo are registered trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Israeli Patent Office. All Hisardut® program names, advertisement materials and curriculums are protected by copyright laws.

Any unauthorized use of this material or trademarks is a violation of Federal and International law.

Unauthorized use is punishable by law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

There are only a selected few certified Hisardut® instructors in the United States.

Anyone attempting to represent him/herself as a Hisardut® instructor without being certified in writing by Grand Master Dennis Hanover and Master Instructor Alon Stivi and the United States Hisardut ® Headquarters is a fraud.

To verify the AUTHENTICITY of anyone who claims to have studied Hisardut® under system founder Dr. Dennis Hanover and/or US Master Instructor Alon Stivi simply write to information@directmeasures.com .

Quality & Authentication Declaration:

Unsurpassed instructional quality, true in-depth knowledge and professionalism, realistic and innovative training methods, tactics and techniques tested and proven in the real world, a comprehensive modern learning curriculum, information that is easy to understand and retain, are some of the Hisardut® system advantages over any so-called 'competition'. Why waste your time and money learning a partial, non-applicable defense method or martial art tradition if you are serious about survival. Comparing what Hisardut® offers to what is available on the market is like comparing the teaching at the university to kindergarten. Don't be misled and don't compromise. Hisardut® has no competition and no comparison. Call or, better yet, come see for yourself.





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