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Urban Survival PS5

By the year 2020 the world’s population is expected to double, with the majority of people living in cities. This crowded urban environment is likely to cause an increase in violent crime. Rape, robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, murder and terrorism will remain a serious concern.

In the event of a global or regional disaster, some infrastructure systems may collapse. A combination of power outage, computer, and tracking system failures and bad weather could overwhelm both the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and public safety services. Utilities, transportation and food supply routes could all be adversely affected. Running for the hills when crisis strikes is not a feasible solution for everyone. Those who live in the city should learn how to survive in the city.

You Will Learn:

What to expect in your own neighborhood during a crisis
No-nonsense home defense and family protection tactics
What it takes to survive an out of control mob during a riot
To predict violent behavior, avoid danger and defuse aggression
How to stay informed in your town and communicate during crisis
Crime prevention, perimeter security and access control methods
Leadership skills and group dynamics to manage hysteria and panic
Last resort survival measures and effective survival fighting techniques
Self-extraction and evacuation tactics (safe travel if roads are shut down)






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