Practical Personal Protection PS1

Life is a test one must not fail, and fighting for your life is a serious matter. Those who are serious about personal protection and the safety of their loved ones need to know how to fight without limitation: standing up, on the ground, with or without weapons and against all weapons. They must be able to predict an aggressor's moves and react instinctively when caught by surprise. Only our Practical Personal Protection™ program can teach all of that.

This program is based on the Hisardut® Israel Survival System – the only system in the world specially developed to combat terrorism. Master Instructor Alon Stivi, who pioneered the Hisardut® system in the United States, has adapted it to fit the needs of Americans.

Our program provides the most direct skills necessary to quickly and safely overcome a potential aggressor and gain control in perilous situations.

You Will Learn How To:

Use improvised weapons as a from of self protection
Effectively respond to a sudden unprovoked attack
Fight off an attacker standing up or on the ground
Anticipate and de-escalate violent behavior
Develop and adopt a personal security plan
Identify disguised and improvised weapons
Recognize and avoid dangerous situations
Survive an attack by an armed aggressor
Survive multiple assailant confrontations
Fight in the dark and in confined spaces
Escape from an abduction attempt
React if someone is stalking you
Stay in top physical condition
Respond to a home intruder
Survive an armed robbery
Break free from any hold
Legal aspects of defense
Whether you are a man or a woman, with or without experience,
this program is for you.




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