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Safe Kids PS6

A Defense & Development Program for Children. Children are our future. The world of tomorrow will reflect the way we educate our children today. Kids are exposed to greater risks than ever before: child molesters, abductors, gangs, drugs, street crime, and general violence.

In Israel, where children have been the target of terrorists, child safety
education is a priority. A special curriculum was developed to teach children and young adults how to successfully protect themselves from harm. This unique program has been widely accepted by parents and the teaching establishment alike. It is endorsed by the Israeli Bureau of Education and is taught as part of the school curriculum.

Our Safe & Smart Kids Program Improves Much More Than Just Kicks!
Through our interactive, fun learning program, students become committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle. They learn to defend themselves so they can feel confident in every situation.

Our certified instructors teach children skills that will last them a lifetime:

• Inner Strength & Confidence
• Discipline & Concentration
• Practical Self-Protection
• Coordination & Agility
• Proven Street Safety
• Values & Friendship
• Stamina & Balance
• Fast Reflexes

The Nature Challenge

An Adventure School For Children. An integral part of the Safe Kids program is the Nature Challenge. This unique course teaches children how to safely interact with the natural environment. Children work in small teams and compete to accomplish learning objectives. They develop problem solving skills by helping each other overcome obstacles.

In this non-stop fun day, children learn the following wilderness survival skills:

• Orientation
• Fire Safety
• Making Food
• Tracking Skills
• Basic First Aid
• Roping & Knots
• Signaling for help
• Recognizing Plants
• Shelter Construction
• Overcoming Obstacles
• Finding & Extracting Water
• Wildlife Habitats & Animal   Behavior


The children are constantly under the close supervision
of our expert instructors.

The event takes place in pre-designated outdoor recreational areas
(parks and beaches).




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