In today's violent world personal security is no longer an assumed right. Armed burglary, rape, murder, home intrusion, aggravated assault, carjacking, hijacking, kidnapping, suicidal terrorism and natural disasters are on the rise. People from all walks of life are exposed to these threats. The Hisardut® system provides the critical information and proven solutions necessary to survive these threats.

Hisardut® is a modern and complete system of personal protection and all-around survival. Hisardut® is the only system in the world that specializes in counterterrorism and terrorism survival. It was developed and tested in Israel under the most demanding circumstances and used by American and Israeli civilians, law enforcement, military Special Forces and various federal and government agencies for more then forty years.

The Hisardut® system is not a random collection of techniques but a comprehensive system that was designed from inception as a modern "all-dimensional" (all ranges of fighting) method of engagement and all-around survival system. The Hisardut® curriculum was developed from a systematic study of preferred elements from various martial arts, military close combat methods, police use of force tactics, and actual incidents involving confrontations between police/military/security/civilians and terrorists/criminals. Only the most practical and realistic techniques and tactics were adopted, improved upon and are now taught as one system.

The Hisardut® down-to-earth training curriculum is stripped away of non-essentials. It is based on science and experience, not theory. Our training method teach universal survival principles that works regardless of the threat and techniques that are simple to learn and easy to remember. We use realistic training scenarios that are based on actual events to teach practical skills that work in the real world. All the techniques taught are designed to enhance instinctive responses using natural body mechanics while eliminating peripheral moves. The Hisardut® curriculum is constantly tested and updated with answers to the latest emerging terrorist trends and threats.


The Hisardut® system clearly differentiates between groups of students based on their use of force objectives (civilians/law enforcement/military/government). We offer four dimensions of training that provide each group with the level of program specifically designed for their need.

Our comprehensive program provides a depth of practical knowledge and experience, unmatched from any other source. Information you can use and depend on. It has already saved countless lives.




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