TRAINING IS NOT A GAME! Acquiring training in personal safety and survival is a serious matter. When doing so it is paramount to remember that the way one trains is the way one will act when faced with a life threatening emergency.
A serious gap exists between the training available on the market and what actually works in the real world. This is due to the following factors:

1. Most fighting and combative methods originated hundreds of years ago before the sciences of modern warfare, psychology, physiology, criminology and law were developed, when swords, sticks and spears were the weapons of choice.
2. The commercialization of martial arts has promoted sport based training methods in which practitioners knowingly engage in a fight for a preset length of time following strict rules of engagement and without weapons. In reality, most attackers are armed and an attack can happen anytime and usually takes place in a restricted space where escape is impossible and vision is impaired. Sport based fighting habits do not readily appear when the opponent controls the distance and time of attack.
3. In fighting tournaments competitors know that they will only be fighting one frontal opponent at a time and as a result, in training for such events they learn to focus their vision only on a single threat and develop habituated tunnel vision. In reality, attackers operate in pairs or gangs requiring the enhanced peripheral vision to detect multiple attackers, obstacles and escape routes.

In conclusion, it is evident that no one can learn much of any practical survival fighting skills from practicing competitive based shooting or by learning how to fight the same way it is done in martial arts tournaments.
Fortunately, there is an alternative. We invite you to explore the most practical approach to personal protection, safety and survival - Hisardut®.



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