Wilderness Survival PS4

Natural and man-made disasters happen everywhere. Many people frequently travel domestically and internationally, passing through or flying over remote wilderness and sometimes even hostile territory. We are all exposed to the possibility of someday finding ourselves facing an emergency situation in a hostile environment. Most people do not have the self-reliant skills needed to survive outside the protective frame of urban society. Our program was designed to fill this need.

You Will Learn:

Safe and efficient movement and overcoming obstacles
Food (finding, fishing, hunting, preparing & cooking)
Orienteering (navigation with and without compass)
Water (finding, digging, extraction & purification)
Psychology of wilderness survival
International signaling codes
Improvised tools & weapons
Recognizing plants & wildlife
Team dynamics & leadership
Field medicine & first aid
Clothing & camouflage
Shelter construction
Fire lighting & safety
Ropes & knots

After successful completion of the classroom study portion, course participants learn to apply the knowledge in the field during a survival simulation exercise in the wilderness under close supervision by our instructors.

Participants are grouped into small teams that compete in
navigating to designated learning stations. Team members must help each other overcome obstacles and accomplish survival related tasks along their journey. Leadership abilities, teamwork and problem solving are as important as fitness and survival skills. This event is organized in an intensive, nonstop format that allows participants to learn firsthand what it takes to survive in the wilderness under adverse conditions.





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